Osteopathy FAQ’s

Why Osteopathy? Vital Body is well established as a leading massage provider in New Zealand and we're excited to add Osteopathy to enhance your care. What is Osteopathy? Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners trained to treat your whole body using hands on treatment. This may involve mobilisation and manipulation of your spine and joints, [...]

Osteopathy FAQ’s2024-02-16T07:06:29+13:00

Osteo, Physio or Chiro for my pain?

Osteo, Physio or Chiro for my pain? We often hear from many people who are confused about which type of treatment is best for them. Most people think their first port of call following an injury has to be a Physio…but that’s not necessarily the case. Physios, Chiros and Osteos are all primary health care [...]

Osteo, Physio or Chiro for my pain?2019-01-14T13:48:37+13:00
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