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How Osteopathy + Massage can help you

Osteopathy and Massage are hands-on, body-based therapies. While different practices, both are designed to help your body repair, gain strength, gain flexibility and relax tension.

Sound good? It is.

Osteopathy is a specialist area of practice that takes many years of intense study to master. That’s because its focus is on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function altogether.

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years and uses different specialist techniques to achieve body-supportive outcomes. Treatments such as myofascial trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and sports massage are all forms of massage therapy.

So all you have to do is book in for the service you want. For new, acute or chronic conditions, you may want a full assessment from our Osteopath. If you feel you know what you need or just want to try massage therapy, simply choose from our available options.

What we always do is assess your current condition thoroughly and build a treatment plan tailored to you. Where it’s advantageous, our Osteopath will refer you to our Massage Therapists and vice versa – that way we can be sure to give you the best possible treatment path so you can meet your goals.


Update on our massage services

We are currently recruiting a massage therapist and when we find someone that’s at the level we expect for you, and that fits the values of our close-knit team, we’ll let you know.
In the meantime, if you know of someone suitable or would like to join our team please contact us.
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What makes us different?

We are intimately familiar with the kinds of outcomes each different type of therapy can help produce.

That’s the kind of familiarity that only comes with years of study and practice and every one of our team has that in spades!

Of course, we tailor your treatment programme to you. The difference is that we can refer you between us to make sure you get the best possible care.

By that we mean a faster (or gentler) recovery as well as more appropriate (and potentially cost-effective) body maintenance over the long term.

If you’re ready to get started – simply book your session online.

Or find out more about how we work and the Osteopathy and Massage services we offer.

Osteopathy and Massage

The Vital Body Guarantee

We’re so confident in our approach that we provide a guarantee.

“If we can’t see progress after four treatment sessions, we will refer you to another specialist from our trusted network of allied health professionals.”

There’s no caveat to our guarantee. Sure, every body is different but as experienced professionals, we expect to see signs of change early on. If we don’t; we take it upon ourselves to find you an alternate treatment provider who will be able to help.

The Vital Body Guarantee
Testimonial - Vital Body Osteopathy and Massage

I’ve been a client of Mandy’s for several years and she’s kept my body happier and more supple than anything else I’ve tried – through muscle problems, injuries and general wear and tear. She’s professional, personable and incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to treat it. I’d recommend her to everyone.

Kate, North Shore

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​The benefits of a fully functioning body are immeasurable. Osteopathy and Massage Therapy can help restore your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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